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Starting a new job with a new company should be really exciting, but you might also feel a little anxious. This checklist covers the basics to help you plan for your first days on the job so you can feel ready and prepared.

Complete your paperwork

A lot of your paperwork can be completed before your first day on the job. You can get a head start on these items so you're cleared for work and enrolled in required training right away.

Remember that some of your paperwork may be associated with an appointment, so don't leave it to the last minute.

  • Make sure you've completed all onboarding paperwork, like signing off on mandatory policies, your offer letter, tax forms and  payroll information. You should have received all these documents from us by email from AdobeSign, be sure to check your junk mail in case you're missing the email. If you're not sure whether all paperwork has been completed, contact

  • Make sure you've consented to the email you received from BackCheck to complete your background screening.

  • Attend any medical appointments, if required. Schedule and attend any medical/fit testing appointments from Horizon Medical, if required.

  • Check your offer letter for your employment details, including your start date, time and work location.

Ask what to expect when you arrive

Where should I park? Where do I check in? What should I bring?

These are all pretty normal questions. Here are a few things to ask your new manager to help you feel ready for your first day.

  • Confirm the schedule for your first day, like your start and break times. Ask about where you should check in and what you should know about parking (if you drive). Ask what the closest bus stop or LRT station is, if you take public transit.
  • Confirm the dress code for your first day. If you will be working in the field or in a plant, make sure you know which PPE you should come prepared with.
  • Pack a refillable water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the day. We're proud of the clean, great-tasting water we produce, so you won't find water coolers at our sites.
  • Ask about lunch on your first day and whether there is a cafeteria or other food options close by.
  • On your first day, check in at security. If you haven't already had your picture taken, you will likely have one taken for your employee ID badge when you arrive. Be sure to look your best —your picture will not only be visible on your ID badge, but it will also be published on our employee directory.

Prepare for training and development

Getting the training you'll need to do your new job will likely make up a big part of your first days and weeks on the job. Here are a few things you can do to prepare.

  • Review your offer letter and check whether you have been automatically enrolled in any mandatory training. These will most likely be courses like New Employee Orientation, and if you're a new manager, Management Bootcamp and Managing in a Unionized Environment.
  • If training isn't listed in your offer letter, you'll have the chance to discuss the types of formal training you need to complete when you start.
  • Be prepared to review a lot of information in your first days, from department and role-specific policies and procedures to company-wide training.

Review your pay and benefits

Salary is important. But so are the other great benefits you'll have access to as a permanent employee.

  • Make sure you've completed all applicable tax forms that you would have received.

  • Take some time to review our Advantage Benefits Plan and rate tables.         

    • They can seem a bit complicated, so once you've started in your new role,  make sure you ask for help from EPCOR's Benefits Support team if you need it.

    • Benefits Support will contact you by email to provide you with additional information and instructions to enrol in your benefits program.  

  • Learn more about the Local Authorities Pension Plan.


Do you have a question about your offer letter or the onboarding process?

Contact your manager or EPCOR Careers at or (780) 412-8844.