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Scam alert

We've had complaints about suspicious door-to-door sales calls, and we're advising people to be cautious.

Reports suggest that customers in Edmonton are being approached at the door about their water service. The person may promote the sale of water filters and suggest they can save the customer money on their EPCOR bill. They may also suggest they are affiliated with EPCOR.

EPCOR does not do door-to-door sales. We also do not ask for your personal identification, utility bills, credit card or any other private documentation at your door.

EPCOR only comes to your door for operational purposes, such as:

  • Responding to power or water outages, or water main breaks.
  • Meter reading or pre-scheduled meter retirements, changes or inspections.
  • Water quality testing.
  • Cross connection control inspections. (For commercial customers only.)
  • Sharing information about utility projects being proposed in your neighbourhood.

EPCOR advises all customers to be cautious.

Report suspicious activity

If you think you've been contacted or visited on a suspicious matter, here's what you should do:

  • End the suspicious phone call or door visit as quickly as possible.
  • Don't disclose your personal information or your EPCOR account details.
  • Never disclose your credit card information.
  • Report suspicious activity. Call our Customer Service line at 310-4300 (in Alberta).

  • Ask to see the person's company ID. You can verify whether they are an EPCOR employee by calling 1-866-372-6755.

  • Visit the Better Business Bureau website for more information on scams and how to report them.

  • Learn more about how we do business.