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​Cap and Trade

EPCOR Natural Gas is a regulated utility. We receive direction from the Ontario Energy Board with regard to all rate-setting activities. Under the 2016 Climate Change Act, new regulations have been issued that pertain to the Cap and Trade Program. This program will affect residential, commercial and industrial consumers in the province of Ontario beginning January 1, 2017. All Natural Gas utilities, including EPCOR have been directed to purchase GHG allowances on behalf of its customers. The costs to purchase these allowances will be passed on to customers.

The charge for the delivery portion of your bill will be increasing by $0.033945 per cubic meter. This increase, which has been approved by Ontario Energy Board ("OEB") on an interim basis, is to recover the costs associated with the Government of Ontario mandated cap and trade compliance plans.

Impacts to your bill

For a typical residential customer who consumes approximately 2,009 cubic meters of gas annually, this price change will cause your annual heating costs to increase by approximately $68 per year or about $5.68 per month on average.

Further information is available from the OEB's Consumer Relations Center at (877) 632-2727 or at the Cap and Trade in Ontario website.

Cap and Trade Calculator