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​Retrofit program

​Use less energy and be more competitive. Your business could receive incentives through the Retrofit program when you upgrade to energy efficient equipment.

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​Refrigeration incentive

With the Business Refrigeration Incentives program, receive a more efficient refrigeration system with improved lighting and less moisture as well as lower monthly electricity costs.

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​Lighting program

With the new Small Business Lighting Program, get up to $2,000 toward energy efficient lighting, help manage your operating costs and and improve in-store customer experiences.

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Retrofit Program



Spend less on electricity

The Retrofit program helps your business be more efficient, more productive and more environmentally friendly. Plus, you could receive up to 50% back of your project costs when you upgrade to energy efficient equipment including:

Lighting retrofits and controls

Converting to LED bulbs and fixtures can cut energy use by 75%.

Rooftop air conditioners

Replacing older Roof-Top Units with high-efficiency units not only saves energy, but helps reduce maintenance costs.

Compressed air systems

Optimize your system for ongoing savings.


Motors can significantly reduce lighting costs.

Variable frequency drives

Consider a VFD to greatly improve the efficiency of your HVAC processes and water system.

The Retrofit program covers many other technologies so be sure to contact us to see what equipment is eligible for an incentive.

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Business Refrigeration Incentives



​Upgrade your commercial refrigeration system for free

As part of the program, your business will receive a free facility assessment and benchmarking. Plus, you will receive up to $2,500 towards the following upgrades:

  • LED lighting
  • Motor replacements
  • Anti-sweat control
  • Insulating curtains
  • Coil cleaning


The Business Refrigeration Incentives program is part of Ontario's Save on Energy plan to provide long-term, reliable and affordable power. Your restaurant, bakery, convenience store, flower shop or grocery store may be an ideal candidate. Find out if you're eligible for the program.

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​Save on Energy

Subject to additional terms and conditions found at Save on Energy. Subject to change without notice. Save on Energy is powered by the Independent Electricity System Operator and offered by EPCOR in partnership with Alectra Utilities Corp. OMOfficial Mark of the Independent Electricity System Operator. Used under licence.