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Partnerships and research

As an industry leader in water treatment and distribution, we participate in research to ensure we understand how our world is changing. Knowing what effects climate change has on our source water is important to ensuring water remains abundant for future generations. Sharing our knowledge and understanding what other similar organizations know is also an important way to stay at the forefront of the business. That's why we participate in a number of water organizations across the continent.

Distribution operations

Our knowledge in water distribution has evolved over the generations and we've applied that knowledge into improving our systems. By upgrading our systems we ensure that the water you get at your tap is safe, clean and healthy for your family. Several programs are in place to also maintain the reliability of the water provided.

Environment and conservation

As the water provider in our community, it's our responsibility to understand the impacts we have on the environment. We're investigating green energy to help power our operations and looking at ways to reduce our water consumption to help reduce our environmental footprint. As a company we're committed to environmental sustainability and we're helping others along the way.

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