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When your water goes off, we work as quickly and safely as possible to restore service and minimize any flooding. This may include:

  • Finding the exact location using electronic leak detection equipment that tracks the leak using sound.
  • Determining what underground valves to close to stop the flow of water.
  • Digging three metres to reach water pipes. This can be difficult when the ground is frozen.
  • Moving at least 300 – 400 cubic feet of pavement and dirt to excavate water lines (location dependent).
  • Navigating around buried telephone, gas and underground power lines.

Private property leaks

One of our employees may visit your home to determine whether the problem originated with the public water lines or your private water line (the portion of the water line that runs from your property line into your home).

If there's a problem in the public water line, a utility crew will repair it. In most cases, you'll be notified when you can turn your water back on.

Is the problem located on your property? Learn more about property owner responsibilities.