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​​​​​EPCOR provides the power, water, wastewater and drainage services you need for your home or business.

In addition to offering competitive energy plans, we operate and maintain the distribution systems that move water and electricity to where it needs to go.

We provide:

  • Regulated electricity services and contract electricity and natural gas services to residential and small commercial customers in Alberta.
  • Energy distribution to residential and commercial customers in Edmonton.
  • Water, wastewater and drainage services to Edmonton residents.

Encor by EPCOR for your home

Encor by EPCOR makes it convenient to manage energy plans for your home. Select power, natural gas or both, and stop worrying about your energy plan. Choose from a fixed or floating rate, or even our green energy rate. We know our rates are competitive and we'll show you how we compare to the others. We've made it easy to renew your contract, transfer services to a new home, and switch from your current provider.

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Encor by EPCOR for your business

Help manage your operating costs with a fixed or floating rate energy plan. Our simple plans and streamlined billing and payment options allow you to focus on your business, not your utilities. We'll provide you with expert advice and custom quote.

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When you turn on your tap, you expect clean, safe water to flow. EPCOR distributes water to homes and businesses, and supports commercial properties in managing water mains, fire hydrants, valves and manholes. Sign up for water services by phone or online and, if needed, schedule an appointment to have your water hooked up. You'll receive one bill that includes charges for water, wastewater, drainage and waste services (on behalf of the City of Edmonton).

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Albertans can choose to buy electricity from a retailer or stay on the regulated rate. In Edmonton, we're an energy retailer (both regulated and competitive) and your wire service provider. We build, maintain and upgrade the electricity distribution system and respond to any unexpected power outages. EPCOR also supports homes and businesses that generate their own electricity and supply it back to the electrical grid. EPCOR offers competitive rates for homes and businesses (including default supply rates for industrial and commercial customers). Businesses can also take advantage of our High Voltage Testing services.

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The water from your home or business, snow melt and rainstorms has to go somewhere. EPCOR plays an important role in flood prevention by maintaining the drainage systems, like stormwater facilities, manhole covers and catch basins, that collect and route storm water and wastewater in the City of Edmonton. We also install new water and sewer services and modify existing services. Drainage fees, collected from homes and businesses, help fund system maintenance.

Learn about flood prevention and drainage fees


EPCOR builds and maintains the infrastructure for the systems that deliver water and power to your homes and businesses. We develop solutions for water distribution systems, treatment plants, and wastewater and storm water collection systems. Through EPCOR Technologies, we manage complex electrical and communication infrastructure projects.

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