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Keep catch basins clear

Over the winter months, snow and ice accumulate on city streets and may cover drainage catch basins. These catch basins move snow melt into the drainage system preventing pooling on city streets. There are almost 65,000 catch basins in Edmonton and we need your help to keep the water moving and off the streets.

What you can do:

  • Remove ice and snow from the face of the catch basin with a shovel or ice scraper. It is also helpful to create a trench leading up to the catch basin (around corners and along driveways).
  • If there is a large snow windrow from street cleaning covering the catch basin, call 311 and request assistance with clearing the snow from the City of Edmonton Transportation Department.
  • Once the face of the catch basin is clean, peek inside the basin too see if there is water at the top of the basin or determine if the basin grate is damaged. If this is the case, call 311 to have our drainage team release the catch basin.

With the large number of catch basins in the city, it may take some time for our crews to respond to blocked catch basins. We will respond to requests based on severity of street pooling, which can create a significant safety hazard or may cause damage to property.