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Severe rainstorms in early July 2004 caused flooding on streets, roadways and in more than 4,000 homes throughout Edmonton causing extensive damage to both public and private property.

3 key goals helped develop multiple flood prevention strategies:

  • Find the main causes of flooding in at-risk neighbourhoods
  • Identify options for reducing the risk of flooding in the future, and
  • Work with communities and other stakeholders to implement viable solutions


Engineering studies and community input resulted in a plan to address issues in 43 at-risk neighbourhoods. In the fall of 2006, City Council approved $146 million for flood prevention.

This funding allows for dozens of projects to be completed during the next several years, starting with the major problem areas to ensure severe flood risk is minimized. Neighbourhood sewer and stormwater system improvements are being worked on simultaneously to hasten the work.

Strategies and initiatives

A public education program began in 2005 to equip homeowners with the information and knowledge to make drainage improvements.

  • Flood Prevention Home Check-up

    This program helps homeowners identify and resolve drainage deficits on their property to minimize the risk of flood damage to their homes. Upon request, drainage specialists will consult on-site with homeowner for free.