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Sewer collection and transmission - fixed rate
​Meter Size ​Fixed Rate
​16mm ​$9.63
​20mm ​$17.32
​25mm ​$26.96
​40mm ​$51.97
​50mm ​$71.27
​75mm ​$147.27
​100mm ​$274.33
​150mm ​$518.81
​200mm ​$827.79
​250mm ​$2054.08
​300mm ​$2054.08
​400mm ​$2247.19
​500 mm


Collection and transmission - variable rate

Uniform per cubic metre: $0.9729

Large wholesale with collection system: $0.54482

Variable sewer charges are based on metered water consumption. If no meter exists, sewer charges are based on the provisions of the Drainage Bylaw 18100.

Stormwater charges

Charges are calculated using property size (A), development intensity (I), and a runoff coefficient (R), based on land zoning and a city-wide monthly rate.

The charges are calculated as follows:

A x I x RRate = Stormwater utility charge

A: The area of the property in square metres (m2), and the proportion of the building lot area attributable to each unit for multiple units sharing a single building of property.

I: The development intensity factor of 1.0, except for properties where owners demonstrate that they contribute significantly less stormwater runoff per property area to the City's land drainage system during rainfalls than other similarly-zoned properties.

R: The runoff coefficient, which is based on land zoning.

Rate: The monthly charge of $0.040649 per square metre (m2).

Special services


Service call for investigation and releasing of plugged sewer: $425 (GST exempt)

Truck-hauled wastewater

Sewage delivered by truck to City disposal site (less the first steering axle): $22.66/axle (GST exempt).

Wastewater having a settleable solids concentration greater than 100ml/l will be charged twice the rate of the above (for 2018: $45.32/axle, GST exempt).

Application Fees

  • Permit to release fee (per year of permit term): $354.32 (GST exempt)

  • Compliance approval fee (per year of approval term): $354.32 (GST exempt)

  • Records search (per address): $110.21 + GST

  • Application for sewer metering fee (per application): $329.60 (GST included)

  • Application for sewer utility credit fee (per application): $329.60

  • Application for stormwater utility credit fee (per application): $329.60 (GST included)