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​While community ponds are a thing of beauty, most are actually stormwater facilities and danger lies beneath the surface.

​Stormwater facilities have a job to do

Edmonton has nearly 200 stormwater facilities. These are part of EPCOR's integrated drainage system and they have a job to do. Stormwater facilities reduce the risk of neighbourhood flooding by managing runoff and eventually sending stormwater to the North Saskatchewan River (NSR).




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Stay safe.   

Stormwater facilities aren't safe for any type of recreation because inlet and outlet pipes keep water continuously flowing.

Danger lies beneath the surface

The function of these facilities, in conjunction with fluctuating weather patterns, can produce unpredictable and dangerous conditions not visible on the surface.



Stay away from stormwater facilities.  

EPCOR's number one priority around stormwater facilities is the safety of our customers and employees. Please be safe, no one should be using these facilities for any kind of recreation.

To ensure public safety at the stormwater facilities, all activities that may result in direct contact with the water are prohibited (Drainage Bylaw 18093). To help the public recognize these facilities, EPCOR is installing signage indicating that a citizen is near a stormwater facility and identifying activities that are prohibited.

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Stay informed

Locate stormwater facilities

Identifying stormwater facilities is tricky. Keep off any pond you are unable to identify.

View our map of sites unsafe for recreational use.