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​Have you ever wondered what happens to the water that goes down your drain?

Many wastewater systems, like the one in the Agua Fria district, use gravity to move wastewater away from homes and businesses. Agua Fria's wastewater flows through a series of pipes that get bigger and bigger until it reaches a large pipeline that carries it to the Northwest Valley Water Reclamation Facility. Once there, it is carefully treated and put back into the underground aquifer for future use.

But gravity can't do all the work – especially when wastewater has to go from a lower elevation to a higher one.

That's where lift stations come in. Lift stations collect and "lift" wastewater and raw sewage, keeping it moving through the pipes.

What is happening?

The lift station at 119th Avenue and Lone Cactus Drive moves wastewater away the northern portion of the Agua Fria wastewater district, including the communities of Cross River, Dos Rios, Corte Bella, Coldwater Ranch and Rancho Cabrillo.

Our team performs regular maintenance and repair on the lift station. Adding a pump is necessary to keep the wastewater system operating efficiently and safely as the area grows and the amount of wastewater that we collect and treat increases. We'll also be upgrading the computer system that controls both the new and existing pumps so that it operates as efficiently as possible. 

When is it happening?

Work will be done between late March and the end of June 2017.

There will be no disruption to sewer service.

The lift station will continue to work using the existing pumps. Work will be done during regular business hours, as quickly and safely as possible. Although the lift station is 300 feet away from the closest home, some noise and odor may be generated when the new pump is installed.

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