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The Downtown Intensification Storm Tunnel (DTI) project is part of the Capital City Downtown Plan (CCDP). With the increased density in downtown Edmonton (new condominiums, office towers and the arena district), there is a need to upgrade the stormwater system, including the construction of the new storm tunnel.

Project details

Stormwater and sanitary sewer upgrades in the area of Central McDougall/Queen Mary Park began in January 2015. The upgrades will address aging infrastructure but will also provide an opportunity to increase the capacity of the sewer system to manage the additional load resulting from the downtown growth.

Much of this work takes place deep underground so the only real disruption will be at the site of each opening to the tunnel below.

Phase 2

In mid-May 2015, phase 2 started for this vital downtown intensification drainage project. For approximately 2 years, the east side lanes on 105 Street between 104 and 105 Avenues will be completely closed to northbound traffic.

The west side lanes on 105 Street will remain open but will only accommodate southbound traffic. Therefore no northbound travel will be available on 105 Street between 104 and 105 Avenues. Any traffic needing to go north should consider taking 109 Street. 

Phase 1

Drilling for the first shaft began in mid January 2015 at 111 Avenue and 107 Street. As a result, a small section of 107 Street at 111 Avenue has been closed to traffic. Drivers can access 111 Avenue from 108 Street or via Kingsway from 106 Street.

The work on this project will extend over 4 years and run south along 107 Street to 105 Avenue. Then it will shift east 2 blocks to 105 Street, and the work will continue south along 105 Street to 100 Avenue. 

Although some impact on local traffic is inevitable, effort will be made to minimize traffic disruptions. Noise will be minimal because the work takes place deep underground. 

Project updates

March 2018 update

Tunneling work for the storm tunnel on 105 Street has stopped due to unexpected ground project delays. The tunneling equipment is underneath 105 Street, approximately 40m south of Jasper Avenue.

To continue construction, an access shaft must be built on 105 Street, just north of the alley between the Standard Life building and the ATCO building.

Once the access shaft is built, tunneling will continue along 105 Street past Jasper Avenue.

Traffic accommodation

There will be traffic disruption on 105 Street south of Jasper Avenue:

  • 105 Street southbound will be closed from Jasper Avenue to the alley between the Academy Dental building and First Class Cleaners
  • Northbound traffic on 105 Street will be reduced to one lane from approximately 100m south of Jasper Avenue to Jasper Avenue
  • No parking along east and west curb lanes of 105 Street from Jasper Avenue to approximately 100m south of Jasper Avenue
  • Left turn from 105 Street northbound onto Jasper Avenue heading westbound will remain open


The construction areas will be fenced and/or marked as restricted areas. We will take every precaution to ensure public safety, and we also need your assistance in keeping children and pets a safe distance from the construction site and the equipment.

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue this necessary work.



The overall project schedule will be impacted and is now expected to be completed by the end of December 2018.

April 4 - June 25 2018

While the access shaft is being drilled, the typical hours of construction will be Monday to Saturday starting at 6:00am and ending at 3:00am.

June – July 2018

Once tunneling has resumed, there will be continuous work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

August – December 2018

When tunneling is complete, manholes will be installed within the shafts, the shafts will be backfilled, and the area will be restored to its original condition. The typical hours of construction will be Monday to Saturday 7:00am – 7:00pm.

We will do everything possible to manage noise associated with the construction and we will work to ensure that the construction is completed within the requirements of the City of Edmonton Noise Bylaw.

Information updates