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Tawa Park Drainage Improvements is a flood mitigation project involving the construction of a dry pond and sewer improvements in the Tawa, Hillview and Weinlos neighbourhoods. Piping will be upgraded along 34 Avenue, 58 Street, 28 Avenue and 49a Street, as well as constructing a dry pond in Sister Mary Ann Casey Park, just east of the Grey Nuns Community Hospital.

This project was developed as a result of the July 2012 storm events. It will mitigate flood impacts for up to 1-in-100-year rainfall events for the neighbourhoods of Tawa, south Hillview and the west portion of Weinlos.

Project Details

​Phase one: Dry pond

To facilitate work in Tawa Park, trees in the area were relocated in the fall of 2015. The need for preservation was recognized for the trees in Tawa and every effort made to replant them in nearby surrounding communities. New landscaping will be completed at the end of the project.

Pond details:

  • The dry pond will be 3 to 5 meters deep and will cover most of Sister Mary Ann Casey Park
  • The pond is designed to only hold water during severe rainfall events
  • The side slopes will be shallow to allow easy access to recreational spaces at the bottom of the pond
  • Both soccer fields will be restored along with the walking paths, open green space and a sliding hill

Phase two: Pipe upgrades

Conveyance improvements / piping upgrades are scheduled to begin in summer 2017. Construction will be sequential and scheduled with dry pond construction in a way that will maintain daily vehicle access for residents.


​Design for this project began in the summer of 2015 and now is completed.

Construction of the dry pond will begin in winter 2017 and will take approximately 1 year to complete. (This will be done over winter months to mitigate construction risks and reduce the impact on local residents).

Conveyance improvements will begin in the summer of 2017 and will be completed by fall 2018.

The Tawa Drainage Improvement project is expected to be completed by end of fall 2018, weather permitting.