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Expanding and repairing your water storage tank facilities

At EPCOR, providing our customers with a safe, reliable water supply is the foundation of what we do, and we are committed to ensuring that your water delivery system continues to do that now and long into the future. That means maintaining and investing in water infrastructure, from the wells and pipes that bring the water to our treatment plants, to the pipes that bring it to your homes.

Over the next decade EPCOR will invest more than $770 million to keep your water and wastewater systems running safely and reliably – approximately $430 million on water infrastructure alone.

Why is it important?

Water for the Agua Fria water district is constantly flowing, moving from its source deep underground or high in the Rocky Mountains down through the Colorado River through a complex treatment and delivery system until it arrives at your tap.

Storage tanks are an important part of the process, ensuring that there is always enough water ready and waiting for you. Water for the northern part of the Agua Fria water district – including the communities of Corte Bella, Cross River, Dos Rios, Rancho Cabrillo and Coldwater Ranch – is stored in a single 1.2 million gallon storage tank originally built in 2003. Nearly 15 years later, the Agua Fria water district had outgrown the existing storage tank. A second tank was now needed and the original tank was due for important maintenance and repairs.

What's happening?

When the first tank was built at the intersection of Junipero and Hank Raymond drives in the Corte Bella community, the site was designed with enough room for a second tank just like the first one.

In October 2016, EPCOR started work on the new tank and repairs on the original tank. Both tanks were in service by June 2017, just in time for hot summer weather and increased demands on our water supply.