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Our shared outcomes = shared goals

With special interest groups, recreational users and residents near the Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant we established five shared outcome statements EPCOR and the community can commit to:

  Quality of life: The Gold Bar WWTP is operated, maintained and updated in a way that reduces impacts to stakeholders and improves quality of life regarding odour, noise and enjoyment of parks and recreation.

  Safety: Community, public and worker safety and health are protected.

  Relationship: An honest, transparent, trusting and respectful long-term relationship is developed between EPCOR and Gold Bar WWTP stakeholders.

  Environment: Pollution is prevented. The impact of the Gold Bar WWTP on air, land, water, climate and ecosystems is reduced.

  Reliable, responsible and sustainable: The Gold Bar WWTP is designed, maintained and operated in a prudent and responsible manner.

​Design principles: How we will achieve our shared outcomes together

The Design Principles define how EPCOR will achieve the goals described in the five Shared Outcome Statements and provide a framework to guide the evolution of the site. They will be incorporated into our planning documents for the Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant.