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​We know every customer is unique, so we're requesting several assistance programs.

Low income assistance program

Today, some water districts have low income programs and some do not. We're requesting a low income program for all water customers who meet the eligibility requirements, no matter where they live. Here is how it can help reduce your monthly payment using the Sun City and Sun City West districts as examples:

Stand Alone
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
​Sun City​$30.14​$26.62​$28.21​$29.19​$39.01​$44.95
​Sun City low income*​$20.14​$16.62​$18.21​$19.19​$29.01​$34.95
Sun City West​$42.00​$39.83​$40.23​$41.01​$42.98​$44.95
​Sun City West low income*​$32.00​$29.83​$30.23​$31.01​$32.98​$34.95

Military assistance programs

We're also asking for approval of two new programs that recognize the service and sacrifices of our armed services men and women.

The Deployed Service Member Credit would waive the water bill for active duty men and women away from their homes on temporary deployment, similar to the one recently approved for our wastewater customers.

The Disabled Military Veterans Credit would give eligible veterans a credit of $10 a month.

Note: Customers, if eligible, can receive more than one of the assistance programs.