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Aging water infrastructure is a national, trillion-dollar issue. It's also a local issue. To keep your service reliable and your water quality high and safe, we must maintain, fix and replace the wells, pumps, pipes and treatment facilities that bring it to you.

Over the next 10 years, EPCOR needs to spend more than $430 million to keep our water systems operating at a safe and reliable level. And the costs to purchase surface water, and to power the plants and systems that treat and deliver it to you, are increasing. A larger customer base can spread these costs out, helping customers with by keeping future changes to customers' bills smaller.

The System Improvement Benefit (SIB) Mechanism requested in the application also helps customers. This 5-year program would see important – and necessary – work to fix or replace nearly $50 million worth of meters, service lines, mains, valves and fire hydrants. The impact to monthly bills will be small, just 45 cents, on average.

There's a lot more to water than turning on the tap. And the best way to manage how this impacts your bill – now and in the future – is to bring all of our water districts together.

See a map of our water districts.